How to use these strategies and tips to promote your business? Email Marketing

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One of the best strategies in the automation process is Email Marketing. It is the act of sending out emails to customers, both current and prospective. Automation process through this tool to keep customers committed to our company, for future sales. If you are not implementing an email marketing strategy, you are letting all the traffic you lack go green. Without a doubt, it is one of the best methods to get web traffic.

Does Email Marketing Work?

Yes, email marketing works. Of course, there is the stigma of SPAM that keeps people wondering whether or not email marketing is still effective. Email marketing, just like other forms of Internet marketing like social media marketing, is fast-paced and must be adapted to. Despite sometimes being lumped in with the category of SPAM, email marketing should still be used as part of an Internet marketing strategy.

Is there a Catch to Email Marketing?

Email marketing is not as simple as sending out a single, standard email to thousands of people on an email list. It involves planning and designing on your part, and it also involves getting customers to read and take action. It is impossible to get everyone to read your emails, but you can improve the chances of customers reading them.

Points to follow when creating legitimate emails and practices

Crafting an email that looks legitimate in the customer’s eyes is just one way of preventing a spam complaint, but you may also become more involved with the customer and build the relationship by sending different kinds of emails. You can also practice some other ideas for the email subscription process that will make you more trustworthy build a better customer relationship.

Once the customer becomes more involved, he is much less likely to send a spam complaint. Here are a few kinds of email ideas you can consider sending to a customer that is legitimate and worth reading.

Thank You – After a user subscribes to your email list, send a thank you note immediately. Sign-up is a gesture that appears a little more personal and makes the user feel welcome. This can also be a good spot to put a double opt-in point.

Reminder Paragraphs – Inserting blocks of text at the top of an email to remind users how they granted permission is a good practice to follow. It is a good reminder for the customer because sometimes, users sign online forms hastily and end up forgetting how they were put on a subscription in the first place. You might have a block of text that reads “You are receiving this email as part of an email subscription you signed up for on [date or website location].”

Reminder Emails – Occasionally, your subscriber may want to change his subscription settings because his interests may have changed. Send out a reminder email with the same reminder block of text describing how he got onto your email subscription. Also, remind him how he can change his settings and provide links to do it. Remember to make your links as simple as possible. One-click is ideal.

Brand Your Emails – If your company has a logo or colors that it is known for, use them in the body of the email. Remember not to use anything too flashy, and use colors that are easy on the eyes.

Make your Emails Familiar – This goes along with branding as well, but you should also make certain phrases that are memorable in the body of the email as well as the “from” line.

Make Valuable Email Content – Just as the rest of your Internet marketing strategy employs content marketing (social media profiles, blogs, website), so should your emails. Make valuable content that is relevant and interests your customers.

Emails to those who unsubscribe – For those who wish to unsubscribe from your email list, send out one last email asking them why they chose to unsubscribe. You can make this a survey or have the customer respond with more descriptive information.

Describe What Your Subscription Entails – Just like the previous sections described, you should be as clear and precise as possible. This description will likely come at the sign-up form where a user will decide whether or not he wants to sign up. Tell him how periodic your emails are and whether or not you will send promotional deals.

Send Emails with User Expectations in Mind – Remember that if the user has not given you explicit permission, you cannot send him any more emails than he expects. For example, if you send a service quote to a customer buying one of your products, that is all you should send him.

Allow for Individual Preference – This is especially true if your organization is diverse in product offerings. One promotional deal for a customer may not necessarily apply to another. Allow every customer to have the ability to select their interests in products and special deals. Provide links in your emails to allow them to change their preferences whenever they would like to.

Keep all these points in mind when considering what to send

Surveys - Use their feedback to build a stronger relationship

Using email surveys to get customers’ opinions helps you learn more about them. Survey emails can decrease unsubscribes, increase engagement, and help you sell more products or services.

1. The welcome email survey

Getting feedback from your audience is so important that many experts include a survey or question in their first email, the welcome email.

2. The pre-launch survey email

You could spend hours creating a product or service only to find out your audience doesn’t like it. To avoid this, send a pre-launch survey email to ask your audience’s opinion.

3. The post-purchase email

Do you want to know what your customers think of your product or service after they purchase? Send them a survey.

4. The data survey email

It can be a huge effort to collect data for a report, guide, or infographic. Survey emails make it much easier.

5. The email footer survey

Find out whether or not your subscribers like your email content. Just add a 1-question survey to the end of your emails to ask for their opinions.

Survey emails are great for gathering useful information about your subscribers that can help you increase email engagement and market your business.

Statistics and important data

When your resources are limited, you want to be sure that you’re not wasting any of your precious time and money when starting a business. But when it comes to Business Strategies, your business should not ignore a tool as valuable as email marketing.

But with so many other ways to reach your customers, why should you be relying on email marketing anyway? Is it even worth it? Yes.

The impact of email marketing can do much more than just getting messages into inboxes. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding email marketing and its benefits, but what do the email marketing stats suggest? Well, the numbers say it all when it comes to proving the credibility of email marketing.

With the marketing technologies developing so quickly, and the growing popularity of social media, email marketing is still alive and well. Any thorough review of the latest email marketing statistics will tell you the same story. Email is a powerful channel with unmatched reach for marketers that know how to use it.

While B2C and B2B marketers may have different goals, email is still one of the most reliable methods to boost content marketing. 87% of B2B marketers use email as a distribution channel. It comes in second place after social media and is more common than using a company blog.

B2C content marketing experts also turn to email to help distribute their content. 79% of B2C marketers rely on email to spread their new articles or blog posts. Only social media and company websites are used more often.

It’s the leading channel to secure leads, nurture them, and a close second for converting them. Email is an integral part of the entire sales process, not just the early stages of content marketing.

Email is also the second most popular channel for sharing business-related content with coworkers. A whopping 70% of professionals use email to share content related to their company or industry.

That means you can reach not just one potential lead with a marketing email. Your subscribers might also forward it directly to further members of their network and increase your email reach.

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